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Arranc is a team of website, web application and eCommerce developers with skills ranging from our own framework and open source technologies like PHP based Drupal, Joomla and WordPress or Microsoft .NET based complex applications.


  • Secure eCommerce Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Marketplace Websites


The world of technology has taken a considerable leap forwards in the span of just a few years. We are now enjoying mobile devices which are capable of running complex processes with the slightest effort. However, with this outburst of devices there comes a huge demand for application development. Apps, as they are most commonly referred to, are what make these devices interesting and incredibly useful. The fact is that whether you are using a smart phone, a tablet or even a laptop, you are going to need applications for various purposes.

Interestingly enough, those devices are nothing special without proper applications. However, applications are also intended to facilitate a variety of different enterprises and businesses. This is why our company focuses on developing the most efficient yet useful applications. We take into thorough consideration the demands of our customers and develop the app according to their particular and specific requirements. With this in mind, below you are going to find some of the services that the company is offering.


It’s crucial to understand that as the world is slowly becoming digital, the threats to different businesses with online exposure is more than real. In fact, there are countless attacks on various websites which bring enormous losses to the entrepreneurs. This is why it is vital to implement the relative measures in order to ensure the safety of your Internet presence. Having this into consideration, our company offers a variety of secure eCommerce development services which are specifically designated to prevent any attacks on your business or to limit the negative impact that they may have on it.

Choosing the right and secure platform

Our company is going to assist you in choosing the particular platform to host your applications on. The best way to go is to target a platform which is taking advantage of sophisticated as well as object-orientated programming language. One of the ways to do so is to limit the access to the administration panels to people who are on the internal side of the network. Removing the said panel from the public facing servers will ensure that this happens.

Avoid storing very sensitive information

It is highly recommended that you avoid storing sensitive data on your servers. In fact there are some regulatory provisions which strictly forbid eCommerce websites and applications to store information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates or other personal and important information of the customer. The best way to do so is to store only the information which would be required for some charge backs or for refunds. It is simply not worth the risk of a breach as it clearly outweighs the particular convenience of this.

Make sure to require strong and secure passwords

Setting a strong password is always a convenient way to go. As a matter of fact our company advises that your platform demands a password which is combining both letters and numbers for added security. While it’s true that it is the retailer who’s responsible for keeping the information of the customer safely stored away, it won’t hurt to set up a proper password. This would definitely provide you with a lot of additional security.

Program a system that would alert in case of suspicious activity

It’s possible and even highly advisable to set up specifically design alert system. The purpose of this addition would be to alert the retailer in cases of suspicious or fraudulent activity. This way the latter would have enough time to put in motion the required precautions in order to prevent the attack or to stop it if it has already began. For instance, our secure eCommerce developing company could develop an application that would alert you if multiple orders are placed by one person who is using a variety of credit cards. You can also track phone numbers from different areas than the one that has been enlisted in the billing address of the customer and many more.


Our company also offers content management system services related to the development and the maintenance of the same. A CMS is basically an application for a computer or other device that is going to enable you to modify, organize, delete, maintain as well as publish and edit content from one particular central interface. This has the main intention of providing you with the possibility to manage the flow of work in a professional environment. Even though content management systems have been known to exist since the late 1990s the ones that we use now are light years ahead of the older versions.

What is CMS for?

The main idea behind a CMS is to properly organize and store files. This is intended to offer a controlled access to the information which is being stored. The features of every single CMS would vary widely as they are intended to serve different purposes. With this in mind, the demands and the needs of every single customer have to be taken into thorough consideration as well as the nature of their particular enterprise. However, there are certain things that are commonly found in most of the content management systems. The majority of them are going to include indexing, format management, retrieval of information as well as web-based publishing.

Interestingly enough, a CMS can also be used as a management system for your company’s digital assets. This is done through the containment of documents as well as movies, phone numbers, different scientific data as well as pictures and many more. It could be used in order to semantically enrich the documentation as well as to properly control and revise it. It’s also important to note that the CMS is generally going to consist of two particular elements:

CMA or Content Management Application.

This is the actual interface of the application that allows the end user to control the content. It is incredibly important to make it easy to navigate through in order to facilitate the entire process. No one enjoys an overly complicated program which is definitely time-consuming and nerve wrecking.

CDA or Content Delivery Application.

This is the element which is going to deliver the actual information and to properly and promptly update the webpage.


Arranc also provides professional interactive web application development services. Now, it’s important to understand that a lot of the interactive websites are only going to allow users to add data. The members should be able to have the opportunity to add and to share different messages for the sake of further and proper communication. However, this creates a need for clear rules which should properly determine the exact users that are going to be able to see the added information. There are also other implementations that would enable certain people to see particular messages while others are going to be restrained from seeing them. There are certain things that have to be accounted for and our company provides aid in some of the following but not limited to:


The fact is that when you decide to go interactive you are going to change the whole idea of how people are going to feel about your online presence. Instead of being simple anonymous visitors they are also going to be provided with the opportunity to provide additional information – most commonly they would be able to create some sort of an account or a profile. They are going to be able to decide whether or not they want to share private matters of their personal life. By doing so they are making a commitment of trust to your website. Studies show that these people are much more likely to start sharing and offering your website to other users.


The more features you add to your website, the more the users are going to be able to adjust their profiles to their own personal taste. However, it’s important to avoid over-complicating it. This would give a sense of an unwanted abundance which is likely to drive potential customers away.

You can start adding advertisement on your platform to target particular products. This would allow you to intelligently control the level of marketing on your online presence in order to convert current prospects into actual customers. This is incredibly beneficial because you are the main source of the control and you are going to set the marketing rules.

Learning and fun

It is well known that adding interactive features is going to make your website a lot more fun for the customers. Our interactive web application services are going to introduce a factor which is going to engage customers into being online longer. This is also further contributed by the fact that users are going to be able to interact with each other and look at details of other people’s profiles. This enhances the learning possibilities and broadens the horizons.


As it was already explained, the world of technology is advancing by the second. The introduction of the World Wide Web, also commonly referred to as the Internet, makes it possible to interact with people across the globe with a single click of a button. However it’s notable that this also significantly increases business opportunities. Companies are now able to sell reach out to an enormous audience by simply uploading their products or services on the internet. This is beneficial in so many different ways. With this in mind, our company offers marketplace website development services which are specifically intended to create selling platforms.

Now, there are already major world-wide market places on the internet which you can freely take advantage of and upload your stock for sale or services. However, it is always preferable to have your own website in order to differentiate from your competitors. It is incredibly important however, to make this website flawless because every single glitch is likely to drive customers away. There are several key factors that you should be taking into consideration.

Server’s response time

This is the time which is going to be necessary for the server to respond in order to fulfill a certain command. It’s also the loading time of your website. It is crucial that you base your website on a reputable and secure server in order to ensure the shortest response time. This is what’s going to set you apart from the competition and it is one of the most important things that you should be accounting for.


It is always advisable to go for a web design that is suiting your particular field of expertise. With this in mind, you should consider designing your website in a way which is going to further complement and therefore promote your manufactured goods or services. Our company offersmarketplace website services, which are specifically designated to accommodate each of your requirements.


It is well-known the overly-complicated websites are more likely to drive people away rather than to convince them to purchase something. This is why you should make sure that your page is easy and simple to navigate through and requires minimum technological knowledge. This is going to further widen your audience because you are also including people who are not well aware of the modern internet technologies.

All in all, the field of web application development is definitely incredibly complex. It requires sound knowledge of a lot of programming languages and the ways to properly implement them. The aim is to provide a flawless application which accommodates the particular demands of the customers. Our company offers a broad spectrum of services, which is specifically intended to envelop the entire process from the bare beginning to the finished product that the customer is demanding. Our aim is to provide clients with flawless applications which are going to facilitate and further promote their particular enterprises. We understand that the online presence is becoming a critical factor in the development of a company and thrive to provide services in accordance.