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Mobile App Development solutions from the industry leading mobile applications developers. We deliver stable and reliable custom solutions across all platforms and environments to bring maximum of performance and security in your apps. Mobile apps, developed in Arranc, are engaging users and lead to top charts.


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Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications Development became a must-have solution for startups and enterprises in the modern world of business transformation into Mobile First companies. At ARRANC we value User Experience and create mobile apps with a human touch, going all the way from a user journey planning, UX Development, UI Design, app development platform customization and all the way to the Quality Assurance and post-development process. We care about our clients, and we are proud to have World biggest enterprises in the list of valuable partners, who are using our professional app developers to create mobile apps that deliver secure and reliable performance.

Native Mobile Apps Development

ARRANC provides you with a scalable and secure mobile app architecture, following with custom native mobile app solutions. We build highly performed mobile applications with solutions for specific mobile platforms and hardware configurations. Native mobile app development is a recommendation number one for clients who are looking for stable advanced solutions in mobile applications development.

Cross-platform Apps Development

We develop mobile applications with cross-device performance. Scalable mobile app architecture for hybrid applications is enabling users to browse through your application independently from the hardware used. Hybrid mobile apps development is a solution, possible to implement into your marketing or brand development strategy. However, it is not a recommended option when you need a highly customized application and extra performance in your mobile app. We recommend to choose native mobile applications development services for the best user experience, and outstanding mobile app engineering solutions.


Development of Mobile Applications for iPone, iPad, Apple Watch and  Apple TV was never so close. Mobile App Developers in ARRANC specialize in platform specific core solutions and next-gen programming languages. ARRANC is a Global leader in Native iOS App Development solutions, who delivers custom mobile applications with one in a kind strategic UX design, to serve as an essential for application performance, and maximal user engagement.

iOS App Development is one of the most rapidly increasing field of expertise in the world of Internet Technologies. This is due to the fact that we are living on the brink of a technological revolution and in the last few years mobile devices have taken a significant leap forward. This leads a lot of manufacturers to concentrate and channel their main focus towards the production of mobile devices. The biggest manufacturer is the company of Apple. It focuses on providing mobile solutions such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players and many more. It is the world’s leading manufacturer and it has the largest percentage of the market share.

There are a lot of things that have to be taken into proper consideration prior to undertaking the process of iOS app developmentRight of the bat, a developer would need to be profound and to posses sound knowledge in Visual C+. This is a programming and coding language which is used to code applications for iOS devices. There are also a lot of framework technicalities that need to be considered. You would have to use specific coding techniques in order to adapt the application to run under an iOS system. This is what makes the whole process rather tricky.

However, one of the most important things that have to be considered is compatibility and testing. The former of these two would determine whether or not the application is capable of running on different versions of iOS. This is incredibly important because not every user of an Apple device is going to be using the latest version of the operation system. Some of them might have missed to update it and you have to account for it if you want to reach maximum density of potential clientele.

In order to achieve that, companies that offer iOS app development per form mandatory tests on variety of devices. There are virtual tests and physical tests. In the first ones the developer puts the app through a simulated environment and no actual devices are used and in the second one the app is going to be installed on an actual device to test its capabilities.


Android Applications Development solutions offered to customers who are willing to expand their app visibility to all possible platforms. With a Native Android Mobile Apps Development and scalable architecture engineering, ARRNC is delivering custom mobile apps and Quality Assurance for the outstaning post-development experience.

Android App Development is a complicated process which requires a lot of thorough and sound knowledge in a variety of fields. Right of the bat you would have to posses skills in the field of programming, which would be required to actually create the codes which are the foundation of the app. You would also have to be able to execute the design in order to generate a visually appealing content and last but not least you would have to have the skills to market and sell the application. This is why people who want to get their application created are generally going to be going after app developmentcompanies because they would have the required teams of specialists who can properly handle these undertakings. Nevertheless, here you can find some of the most essential thing that every developer should be properly informed about.

1.     Sound knowledge as well as proficiency in the coding language known as Objective-C. It really depends on the platform that you are going to be developing your app for, but considering that Apple is definitely the holder of the largest market share right now, we are going to focus on it.

2.     The second thing that our team is knowledgeable about is Xcode. This is known as the IDE, or the Integrated Development Environment of Apple. You would also have to be skilled at using Cocoa Touch which is also known as the User’s Interface of the framework of Apple.

3.     Speaking of frameworks, a developer should have a lot of knowledge in those which are particularly designated for iOS, which is the operating system of Apple.

4.     Sound knowledge of app development for older models of the phone. This would suggest that the developer is going to be properly able to solve the compatibility issues with different devices as well as with different versions of the operation system.

It is safe to say that each one of those is incredibly important and there surely are more things that have to be considered. However, it is very important to take into consideration the last point that was mentioned – the one regarding the compatibility issues. This is due to the fact that the market of mobile devices is likely to be the most flexible and ever changing environment right now and this suggests that new phones and respectively new operation systems are being launched literally every other day. If you want your application to be successful you would have to take this into account in order to envelop as many potential customers as you possibly can. The alternative is a risk which is utterly unnecessary and it is way better to invest in testing than to fail with the entire endeavor.


ARRANC is developing Apple Watch, Android Gear and Pebble applications for startups and enterprises. With a best in a class UX Designers in our team, we make user journey through wearables intuitive and hassle free. Expand your business capabilities and the way how you interact with app users on the go with a custom app development solutions for wearables and other devices.

Unlike creating applications for iPhones or Android based devices, developing such for Blackberry can be achieved through two different ways.

The first one of them would involve you using the JDE, or the so called Java Development Environment and the second one would require RIM’s MDS. You would have to be aware of the designation of the app in order to choose which one of the methods to implement.

If you are aiming to develop an application that is intended to run unanimously of Blackberry solutions such as the BlackBerry Internet Service or the BlackBerry Enterprise service, the Java application is going to provide you with a wider experience.

At the same time using the MDS is going to facilitate you in the usage of email or any other service which is based on the internet. This is why when developing an internet based application you are going to be better off with using this particular method.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that BlackBerry has a tighter market than iPhones and Androids and as such the applications for them are incredibly challenging. Our company lays equal attention on each of the application development processes so proper Blackberry App Development services are ensured.


‍There are specifications which concern the apps for wearables service that our company offers. They derive mainly from the fact that these are applications which are going to grant you direct access to hardware. The most common example includes different sensors as well as the GPU of the device. However, fundamentally, they are basically the same applications but designated to be run on different devices. This is what makes them completely different in design and usability as well as the amount of the actual flexibility and functionality that they are intended to provide. Some of the main things that you would have to be aware of include:

·       Apps of this kind are smaller in size compared to regular applications. This is due to the fact that they only contain the information which is necessary by the particular device.

·       A bundling software is also required because you aren’t allowed to download the wearable app directly on the device that it’s designated for. With this in mind you would have to download it on your phone and sync both systems. This could be quite overwhelming especially for people with no understanding of computer technology whatsoever.

It is also important to note that most of the wearable apps can support the majority of existing standard Android APIs but they are also not supporting certain ones such as the android.webkit and android.print.

It’s also of essence to make the wearable app as simple as possible because they are intended to be used while on the go. This is why they have to be interactive and easy to navigate through without a lot of effort. This poses a certain challenge for the developer but our team is armed with all the right methods to accomplish this result perfectly.