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We are living on the verge of a technological revolution and as a result the world is slowly becoming more or less digitalized. This fact alone gives birth to different demands for managing the huge piles of data in order to present them to the end customer in a comprehensive manner. Processes like data management and visualization have become mandatory if you are to deliver a pile of information in a user friendly way. However, these are processes that have to be handled cautiously and by taking into thorough consideration the demand of the particular customer. With this in mind, our company offers a variety of services which are intended to properly manage the visualization as well as the management of your data.

Our company offers a variety of different data management services such as data analysis, data visualization, intelligence and many more. The main intention is to provide every single customer with the exact solution that he is looking for. We aim to offer the complete package of services, designated to aid you regardless of the issue that needs to be addressed.


ARRANC spans over a wide variety of data analysis services such as inspecting, transforming, cleaning as well as modeling particular data in order to prospect and discover useful information. The main goals include suggesting possible conclusions as well as to support the overall decision-making process. The services that we offer are specifically designated to serve the concrete purpose of every particular customer. Our services present the client with multiple options by using a variety of diversified techniques in different business, social and scientific domains. There are several processes that take place here such as:

Data analysis is one of the deepest processes that take place in the entire management scheme. The main intention behind it is to provide the customer with the relevant data in the form of information so that the end customer can get the knowledge he needs to resolve the issue at hand. Data analysis also aims to present the users with potential solutions and means of addressing the current issue.

As a matter of fact, data analysis lies within every other process. This is due to the fact that without it, everything else loses all meaning. Data analysis is the first step that needs to be jumped through in order to get to the bottom of the problem and to find the solution.


Truth be told, the concept of data visualization services has been on for a long time by now. One of the most commonly used visualization technique is to place complex geographical coordinates in a visually comprehensive way on a piece of paper. This is the thing that we now call a map. Oddly enough, this is one of the oldest forms of data visualizations and it is known ever since the early 1800s. However, as the technology develops, the requirements start to become a lot more complex and now we compile data in charts, pictures, graphics, schemes and what not. Basically every single image that you see on the Internet is a combination of complex codes lined up in a presentable manner.

Why is data visualization of importance?

The fact is that our brains are made in a way in which they would process the information a lot faster and significantly easier if you look at a chart or a picture instead of reading through the lines of a list. Data visualization is going to allow you to present the information in a comprehensive way. What is more, our data visualization company offers the most appropriate form of visualization based on the particular demands and needs of every single customer. This process is also going to:

Identify problematic areas which might need more attention for further improvementAid you in understanding of product placementMake plausible predictions regarding the volumes of salesClarify the factors which influence the particular behavior of the customer and many more.

What does the data visualization service helps to achieve?

The implementation of graphical representations on different information is going to allow the person to look at a large amount of data in a cohesive and clear way. This would definitely aid him in drawing the proper and relevant conclusions. Another fact to consider is that you would be able to comprehend the information a lot faster which would allow you to deal with the problems and address them much quicker.Data visualization is also going to allow you to identify particular patterns as well as different relationships. However, even though some of the correlations are going to be rather obvious, others are definitely not going to be. It requires great amount of focus to identify these areas.It is also going to allow you to properly and correctly pin down some emerging trends. This is relevant for different areas such as business, marketing and what not. Identifying the relevant future trend might give you an edge over your competitors. This is definitely that most of the companies are investing in and data visualization services can provide a helping hand.


Our company also offers data management services which are specifically intended to boost the productivity of our customers. The right execution of these complex processes is definitely going to aid you in breaking down the data problems of today and giving a hint for the future as well. There are definitely a lot of advantages of proper data management such as:

It boosts the productivity. The fact is that you are going to be working from a single control point and you would be able to access all the data that you may need easily and rapidly.You are also going to be able to share more workload. A proper data management system is going to allow you to properly fend off some of the workload to business partners and other users. This would allow you to take some work off your hands and focus on other matters of the day.Keep your data safely and neatly stored, ready for usage. This is incredibly convenient because it would allow you to conduct audits of your work process a lot easier. The control of the working process is mandatory and proper data management can make this process more effective than ever.

However, even though it may sound attractive, the truth is that implementing the proper data management system is incredibly complex. It requires thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Our data management company is equipped with sound knowledge and all the right techniques to provide you with the best solution.

One of the major fields belongs to corporate data quality management. This refers to the entire set of processes which are specifically designated to improve the quality of the data in the corporation. The main premise remains the business relevance of the high-quality information. This particular problem area comprises of the following activities:

Architecture of the data. This consists of the object model which has to comprise the undoubted definition of the corporate data as well as the conceptual model.Strategy for the quality of the data. This is incredibly important because the business environment is affected by the involvement of numerous divisions and different organizations.The organization of the data. Corporate Data Quality Management is going to require clear as well as concise roles as well as responsibilities for the particular use of the corporate data.Procedures and guidelines. In order to be able to handle the information the same way throughout the entire enterprise, there is a need for clear and comprehensive sets of procedures and guidelines.

Contemporary data users should understand the importance of data management in the business world. This process is specifically intended to further facilitate the entire endeavor, making the navigation through the piles of information a lot easier. Data management is one of the key aspects of the digital side of the matters that should be well taken care of.


Data intelligence services comprise the analysis of different forms of data in a manner so it could be used by the corporations to further expand and to increase the reach of their services or investments. Data intelligence is the main source of adequate information that should allow the company to properly plan its’ future endeavors or to identify a mistake in order to avoid making it again.

However, it is incredibly important to make a clear differentiation between data intelligence and business intelligence. Even though there might be some particular similarities between these terms, the differences are essential. The main difference lies within the intention of both processes:

Data intelligence aims to gather the relevant data in order to assist future undertakings. These potential endeavors might include further expansion of the corporation, investments and what not.Business intelligence on the other hand aim to collect the data required to understand the business process as well as the information which is closely related to this process. This kind of intelligence includes endeavors such as organizing and not gathering. However, this is not always the case because sometimes companies are going to gather information about rival companies from different social medial platforms. The idea is to gather as much information as possible in order to identify potential possibilities.

The data intelligence process that our company aims to provide is about enabling the customer to interact with the data. This interaction aims to particularly pave the way from data to information and ultimately to knowledge. The processes behind this scheme are thorough and complex and they require in-depth understanding of the topic at hand. However, our data intelligence company is fully prepared to present you with all the right solutions in order to accelerate the further expansion of your business.

Data intelligence aims to enable our customers to reach out to bigger target audiences by identifying their particular demands and needs. We seek to provide you with the practical solutions based on the data that has been given to us. Data intelligence thrives in identifying problematic areas and it gives grounds for addressing them with the proper and accurate solutions. This is the main intention of this particular service.